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What Happens now? Gambia, Road to Democracy.

After this Historic Election for The Gambia,  Gambian Political Prisoners and their Families have something to look forward to.
Their definite Liberation in the coming weeks.
These Gambian Men and Women are currently imprisoned for expressing their opinions and seeking  Democratic reforms. Among them Opposition Leader Ousainou Darboe and his daughter Fanta Darboe Jawara  and some other courageous Women
I have no doubt that their release will probably happen  in the next week or so following talks between the Incumbent and the Coalition. This  should be and probably is a already a priority.
Their immediate release, before the transfer of power, would be a  good step for the incumbent, towards building the trust of the Gambian People, if that is even possible at this point.
There  already seems to be an air of mistrust, when it comes to the motive behind  Incumbent President, Yahya Jammeh  conceding to defeat so quickly,  and also due to the content of his concession speech and phone call to President- Elect Adama Barrow, on GRTS Yesterday . So it would probably be a good move on his part to speed up the release of Political Prisoners.
 If change of Power had happened any  another way besides through Elections, the Prisoners would probably have been released today..but since it went  through the process, the release of Political Prisoners has to go through a process as well.
The courage and sacrifice of these men and Women will never be forgotten and Gambians are looking forward to their release.
G.L.O.W Sister,Fatou Dibba
Dec 3rd 2016
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Demystifying  a Dictator



He is believed to be All-powerful and that no bullet can kill him….yeah right!

Somehow he convinced the Gambian people and they believed him .

Yahya’s power depended on the gullibility of the people, their fear of these so-called supernatural powers.

This man convinced people that he could cure AIDS with Banana Leaves and a Weird Ritual that was very embarrassing to many Gambians especially those of us leaving abroad. It was on CNN ! Yikes

Needless to say, Yahya did not cure a single patient, if he had, Gambia would be a rich Country as we would sell our secret to the World..

Anyways because of this fear Gambians felt for this Self proclaimed “Super man” they were willing to obey and ignore all moral issues and follow him to certain doom.

But then of course, if they dared to disobey, disagree or question his authority he would muzzle, torture or kill them. Or they simply disappeared mysteriously from the face of the earth.

But after 22 year of Tyranny, our people finally became courageous.

When you struggle to get a Job, Feed your Families, and are tired of living in fear, you become desperate for deliverance.

And with the help of Gambians abroad, people are beginning to realize that things can actually be better if Yahya was no longer President. So the people voted for Change. And the People Won. We now have a New President -Elect. Adama Barrow.

Jammeh’s attempts to portray diaspora Gambians and the Gambians of ” The Struggle” as Enemies of Progress has failed as the Gambian people now realise he has been the one holding us back as a Country.

Him and his wife are richer than ever, whilst most Gambians are living in poverty.

Anyway, Yahya Jammeh is a regular man after all, He bleeds, just like we all do.. He has been demystified, he has lost his power, his undeserved respect and the fear of the people. The People voted him out! We are now ready to move towards real progress. But First, let’s figure out a way to get him to leave peacefully.. He won’t go!