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Our Approach

The Gambian League of Women and "Glow Radio" aims to give Gambian Women and all Gambians a platform where they can have a sense of Mission. G.L.O.W wants to help recognize Gambian Women, wherever they are and support them in embracing their Womanhood in a more Productive and Positive manner.

G.L.O.W was also created to help Gambian Women of this 2nd decade of the 21st century  get the support they need to identify the gap in their lives and make a niche for themselves in accordance with this decade of African Women 2010-2020.

With so many Positive changes unfolding for women . G.L.O.W understands the value of Sisterhood in Women and encourages Girls and women to use their voices and resources to help uplift each Other.

When Women Cooperate, so much can be achieved.

The Gambian League of Women will focus on Women and their careers, Motherhood, Marriage, Health concerns for Women and many other vital issues that affect us.

Even though G.L.O.W is founded by Women and will generally focus on the issues and concern of Women. Glow will still highlight social issues that affect all Genders as we understand that in order for Women to be successful we need the support of Men and vice versa.

Our shows will be Informative Inspiring, Educative and Entertaining.

We will have discussions and interviews with highly successful, flourishing Gambian women in their respective careers to help us find inspiration and instructive support on ways to grow as a woman in this ever changing and challenging world.

We promise to post great topics and have a great Line up for you on the online Radio and we hope that you will help us help each other Glow and support and join us on G.L.O.W Radio for some inspiring Programming.

Keep Glowing Sisters!

Glow Sister Fatou

11/ 16 /2016

Meet the Team

These are your G.L.O.W Sisters and Brothers that Make it possible for us to bring you content that matters.


Fatou Dibba

 G.L.O.W Founder & Chief Editor

Fatou Dibba is the Founder of G.L.O.W, a Former Gambian  Radio and Television Broadcaster who has worked for  Radio one Fm as a teenager and  then moved on to work for The Gambia Radio and Television Services  GRTS where she was a  Reporter/News anchor and Talk show host. She also presented and produced the Children and Youth programs.Fatou is passionate about Social, Women, and Children's issues and believes Gambian Women should embrace the concept of supporting and Uplifting one another instead of competing.  Fatou  has a 17 year old  daughter named Nana.


Monica Njie

Monica Njie is a Mother, Feminist, Gender Activities Founder, Presenter and host of "The Every Woman Show" a radio program that aims to empower women and discuss issues about gender equality, social issues both in the Gambia and outside.The show is broadcasts in gambia and the United Kingdom. Because of her passion for Women's issues,  G.L.O.W is happy to be collaborating with The Every Woman Show  to bring you a unique experience.


Yassin Jeng

Yassin Jeng is a gender activist, community advocate for women's and youths' rights,and a panelist on the Every Woman Show -a radio program on women and social issues. She brings her professionalism and Talent to Glow. She has a 17 year old son.